BCK Solar cooker

Ottobre, 21 2009


Solar energy, an ecological resource, was considered until now as  unnusual in consumer goods. To spread its use BCK, an Argentinean company, thought to develope this food carrier and also cooker  respecting the codes and way of using of other camping and outdoor products. The volume of the BCK thermos is small: 250 mm height and 130 mm diameter. So it can be carried in the backpack or in the mountain bike.

During the use, a conical reflective shield concentrates the solar rays into the central axis, were a black food container is placed. Inside the container, the food is heated achieving 90°C within 45 minutes. When the product is not used, the shield is foiled around the container, keeping  the internal temperature so works like a thermos container does.

The BCK thermos was awarded with the Innovar Prize in 2006. It was selected as “Top Nominated” in the Index Award 07 in Copenhagen and won the Red Dot design award 2007 in the “Design concept” category, two of the most important design contests of the world.

If you have sun exposure at work, you can think about using it to heat your lunch if taken from home, so do not need oven or microwave.

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