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Dicembre, 30 2009


Nike has a very intersting sustainable project to recycle your worn out athletic shoes no matter which brand they are and in which condition you left them.

Every year, in the whole world , millions of pairs of athletic shoes end up in landfills or are disposed of in some other way. Most of those pairs contain valuable materials that could be re-used. So Nike with a degree of imagination, some ingenious engineering and a pursuit of the principles of sustainability, created the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe program in 1993. Since then, they have recycled more than 20 million pairs of athletic shoes and contributed to more than 250 sport surfaces to provide access to places to play for kids as part of Nike’s global community investment program.  As previosuly said Reuse-a-shoe collects worn-out athletic shoes of any brand from a variety of sources, including end of life shoes collected through a variety of recycling programs, special events and at Nike or other stores, shoes that are returned to them from retailers due to a material flaw and even counterfeit shoes.

Nike also recycle material left over from the manufacturing of footwear and together the shoes and shoe materials are ground up and purified to create a material called “Nike Grind” Nike Grind Rubber, Nike Grind Foam and Nike Grind Upper. Nike partner with industries in the field of sport surfacing in order to incorporate Nike Grind into their quality sports surfacing product ranges, like tennis and basketball courts, soccer fields, fitness flooring and playground safety surfacing. Together those partners Nike is working to create the highest quality sport surfaces using innovative methods and advanced recycling technology.

It is worthwhile to add that Nike with their Nike Grind partners bring surface donations to undeserved communities that take advantage of the power of sport to change life of young people, build communities and originate positive social change.

Why not making your last walk or run with your worn-out  athletic shoes right to the closest Nike department store and then get your new pair leaving your worn out pair at the right place?

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