Easybackup: a green backup solution

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Gennaio, 05 2010

Easybackup is an easy and secure online backup service. This is the quickest and most reliable way to make the backup of all your critical data.This innovative service is considered by us as an eco-friendly service and eco-compatible solution as using it will allow you not to buy, use and dispose CDs , DVDs or  USB pen drivers (so will save money also!). Easybackup means having access and recover your backup copies from anywhere just connecting to their web portal via Internet through any browser. It is also considered green because only works and make the copies when detects that some modifications were done to the already stored files. It makes versioning backup, meanly that keep copies of the different modifications done to same file in a day.

With Easybackup you will suffer less stress and no more worries about how old was your latest back up and which critical data have been lost in case of  hardware or software failure, as the back up procedure is automatic and always active checking for new data or modification done to backup.  Not to undervalue that your files are protected and you will be the only person available to enter into your backup copy through an username, password and licensee generated the first time you get registered. A big advantage is that with this green service of Easybackup you can also exchange information with friend or co workers, those files you can not send via mail as too big to be supported in real time.

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