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Ecological products
Marzo, 23 2010
Muji, was born in Japan originally known as “Mujirushi ryohin”, a Japanese expression that means ” quality product without brand”. The value of a “Muji ” product in fact is the selection of materials, the care of its production. From simplicity of the project to the packaging. In Muji you won’t find products with exessive price, but just simple products of great quality at affordable prices.

You can find  transparent Pet bottles earth-friendly to be put in the kitchen or in your bathroom, notebooks in recycled paper, Garments done in recycled yarn and in organic cotton.  Muji’s fabric done in recycled yarn , eco-compatible, borns  from discarded patch of pre-dyed spun, which are normally thrown away in production phase. Reusing this yard Muji eliminate useless waste because in production step it is no longer needed the dying process, so energy consumption and its derivating polluting emission are significatively reduced. Muji organic cotton is totally pure, it is farmed without any pestciide or syntetic fertilizer. The produtcs are done using dyes at low environment impact and finishing on nature base, in this way Muji cotton is very soft and pure.
If you are visiting UK, London, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway or Turkey it is worthwhile you pay a visit at a Muji shop. You will be marvelled of the functional products they offer for your house for a minimal look.

Recycled yarn teddy bear

Teddy bear

Recycled yarn

recycled yarn

Pet bottle

Organic cotton jeans

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