Ecological Eastern gifts

Aprile, 03 2010

Eastern has come and with it the supermarkets as usual  are full with so many chocolates eggs filled with any kind of surprises with the cartoon of the moment inside. Ok, children love chocolate and we love to make them happy, but why do not to make the same thing done with our own hands or also buying a little significant present in a fair trade shop? Chocolates, eggs are a tradition..but let’s think about when this day is gone what remain… a lot of plastic to be thrown away (outer wrapping material and inside plastic ball that keeps the surprise, mountains of chocolate as you won’t eat in a week all the quantity you get as gift ( well if you want to get a stomachache maybe it’s agood idea!) and maybe the surprise in a week or so will end in the bunch of puppets your baby do not watch any more. A simple thing to do came to my mind and like to share with you. Children love drawing, it doesn’t matter the age, so the surprises are some crayons ( one pack to each children), how to handle it and wrap it? Well at the fair trade shop can always get some Juta bags (are biodegradable and can be reused), some mini egg chocolates done with cacao from the same fair trade distribution chain.  Each bag has been marked with tissue paper tag ( recycled from Christams gift I got) cut in egg shape. I will give them playing, so I will hide them in the house and ask the children to look for them. It has not finished there.. we did ( my baby and me) some colouring book with recycled paper to use the new colours and crayons or it will make non sense to give something that they can not use at the moment.  Hope you enjoy this idea!

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