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Aprile, 15 2010

Oh my god! I will become like my grandma! … This was my first thought this morning when I noticed how I’m getting fond of   Mustela soothing balm …  My grandma when I had a cold or my knees were aching because exceeded riding bike used to put me on a balm, a miraculous Chinese balm in a tiny round box that  I’m still wondering what was it, but it really worked. My little princess unfortunately got a cold and we are in Spring!!  So last night before going to sleep I massaged her chest and neck with this wonderful balm and believe me:  she slept the whole night. Mustela promoted it for winter tough days, but nowadays you can get  a cold easily during the whole year.

This balm is all done with natural components and do not have camphor, menthol or eucalyptol which are potentially neurotoxic and not recommended to be used on children under 36 months age.  So it is surely a product on which you can rely.

Mustela soothing comfort balm

Mustela soothing comfort balm

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