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Laundrette coffee bar

Laundrette coffee bar

Wash Bubble Bar is the first laundrette coffee bar in Tourin ( Italy), while you are waiting your laundry get ready you have the possibility to connect in internet , read some books or magazines, see some exhibition of emerging designers and  painters. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or simply a coffee or get a drink. I had the experience of visiting a Self-service Laundry in Madrid, but only connection to internet was the surplus service, and not free.

I’d like to share this information with you because this kind of places can not only be seen as places for ” foreings”, but should be seen as  a cheaper alternative to wash and dry our quilt, blankets by ourselves and have some fun socilaizing instead of taking them to the dry cleaner spending lot of money. You can fix an appointment with your best friend, feed a friendship and why not also share the laundry service. In fact the lowest capacity of the laundry machines are from 7 to 9 Kg, and if you do not have so dirty clothes then you can share the space and cost of the laundry cycle with your friend. The cycle of these industrial washing machines are shorter than a household type as well as the drying cycle. Another tip to let you know is that some garments like Jean and t- shirts in cotton or garments in polyester as soon as they are washed and dried you can fold them while they are warm without need to iron them. So if in your city there is not a laundrette coffee bar look for a self-service laundry with a bar near and invite a friend to hang out with you for a couple of hours. To be greenest as possible go by bike or by means of transportation, take your dirty clothes in your biggest tote bag and take with you your eco cleansing.
-Laundrette coffee bar in Berlin: Mangelwirtschaft
-Laundrette coffee bar in Copenhagen: The Laundromat

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