Baby shoes with Lenci Cloth

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Aprile, 30 2010
Baby shoes in Lenci cloth

Baby shoes in Lenci cloth

My closest friend knows I love craft and that I always have some pieces of Lenci Cloth at home together different materials I recycle to create new things during my “free” time. Well, she brought me a bunch of leather cut pieces and fabric from some color cards that were going to be discarded.  I really appreciated them and without blinking the day after I tried to make a soft pair of shoes for my little Queen.  I took the shape of my baby foot in piece of carton paper (packaging of biscuits) and cut it letting 0.5 cm from real shape as margin for stitching later. Then measured her instep to calculate the length and width of the in front upper and make the upper mold. All accessories are first stitched on the Lenci cloth (upper) and then the upper is stitched by the opposite side on the oppposite side of sole and then turned when finished. Cotton laces you see in the picture are just ornament as the elastic will keep the shoe steady. Well the result is cute, but at the end I had to add another tiny elastic in the backside to have the backpart fit well.

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