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Maggio, 03 2010
washable diaper day

Washable diaper day

Being a mom 100% supporter of washable diapers, I decided to talk about their benefits and promote their use not only on the web but also personally. So after having exchanged some ideas with the owners of Nildi & Co (store specialized in selling items for children located north of Milan, which also sells washable nappies) we have decided to dedicate some days to washable diapers, mothers supporters of washable nappies from their own initiative would have given their contribution to those of interest explaining their use, advantages and be available to answer doubts / questions that people raise about them. The feedback has been positive and we organized the “washable diaper day” in the following way to catch passersby’ eyes:
a. Make the days of “washable nappies” coincide with any other event planned nearby. (In our case there was an artisan market)
b. Recreate visibly the diaper changing of a baby. Then the changing area, doll, washable diapers of different types of washable nappies were available to do the demonstration. In addition we had available the flushable biodegradable veil , waterproof bags for the diapers and lots of leaflets  by each washable diaper manufacturer as well as information needed in specific prices of diapers, the starter kit or the price of each piece separately in case it is desired to buy additional accessories (inserts, biodegradable veils, boosters, etc.). We hung some diapers with some hooks simulating they were drying.

Frequently asked questions:
a.How many diapers do I need?
b. Do I have to wash them every day?
c. What is the part of the diaper that I have to wash?
d. How do I deal with dirty diapers?
e. Do we really save money? Aren’t we polluting more and spending more money doing many cycles of laundry?

The answers I’ve already posted here.

Parents and prospective parents who have approached our table felt satisfied getting the answers from a person that is used to washable nappies and that told them frankly about her experience about approaching them. I would just add that parents who expect a second child or the baby has a few months can be conscious of their vantage about economic savings and how can rubish being reduced, while the new parents or future parents it is necessary to point them out how much a single package of disposable diapers cost, Which is the promedia of diapers changes that a baby needs and for how long, the quantity of protective cream you need to apply in order to prevent redness with disposable nappies and the benefits of washable diapers about this (better calendula oil or very little quantities of protective cream to prevent to ruin the absorbency of wasahble diaper) . Also if you are not convinced about the change you can always try using alternating disposable diapers to washable ones, once you have got experience managing with them you will realize the many advantages for your baby and for your pocket.

Thanks to Nildi & Co. to dedicate some days to the washable nappies and to provide what is necessary to promote their usage.

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