A party with healthy snacks

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Giugno, 26 2010
natural-menu-party I love having parties, but since I started to eliminate food or snacks with chemical additives such as MSG and aspartame or acesulfame K, the right choice at the supermarkets seems hard as unfortunately the alternatives are few, but it does not mean a party with natural and healthy snacks can not be done. Of course it will take you a little bit more time to stand in front of the shelves checking all the labels, but once you find the product it will be easy for you to recognize the brand the second time, even your research will be helpful for your daily snacks. My party was oriented to babies and adults so I had to took into considerations also the sweets without articifial colorants. Well here is the list of some of the menu offered and easy to prepare:
Sweets and snacks:
– Candies milk based
– White mashmellows
– Chocolates from the fairtrade market
– Chips without MSG ( check out carefully the label, almost all the snacks have it to make them artificially taste better)
-Mini Mozarella cheese with cherry tomatoes with a touch of oregano
-Mini sandwich (rectangle shape) stuffed with lattuce, cheese and ham
-Dips of salad biscuit and creams to spread such as tuna whipped with a little mayonaisse, cheese to be spread putting inside some olives cut very small
-Appetizers with cubes of green apple, cube ham and sultana grape
– Sprite or seven up (well it is not natural but at least do not have artificial colorants )
– Orange juice, Pear juice from organic farming
– Good sparkling wine for the toss
As all above are finger food you will only need to get some dishes for the cake and some glasses, so if possible choose them in recyclabe carton.

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