Washable training pants

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Luglio, 02 2010
washable training pants

washable training pants

Well, it is time! my baby is ready to leave the diapers and she will start her potty training. I won’t buy the disposable training potty diapers, if my baby was grown up using washable diapers her potty training phase will follow the same philosophy. So already bought 2 pairs of ImseVimse training pants and started teaching her how to put them on take them off. While we are at home of course I use the classic cotton panties, but these trainig pants are perfect if you go out and do not want to risk that some accident may happen and you will find all wet. These washable training pants will help your baby to associate the need for a wee with wet pants. They are composed by a comfortable layer of organic cotton on the outside, soft elastic at the waist, two layers of absorbent organic terry cloth on the inside and a layer of polyurethane-laminated polyester that will keep clothes dry and also allow the skin to breathe.
The potty training phase is very delicate for your baby, so once you have decided it is time to do it you have to be very patience, insist to take him to the potty every 30 minutes and do not shout at him if any accident happens.

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