Washable diapers for adults

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Luglio, 05 2010
washable diaper for adult

washable diaper for adult

This post really touches me and I desired to share it with you because we sometimes do not think about it unless we are envolved. If you follow my blog you will notice I love and promote the use of washable diapers for babies and one day I did a comment in facebook “what about the washable diapers for adults, when we’ll get older we will use them”. It came to my mind when I was standing at the Health Care Assistant Office to update some documents and saw some elders making the queue for the disposable diaper assistant request. So I thought, “damn these disposable diapers for incontinence are bigger, so they will pollute more and who knows for how long elders will use them”. Why am I making this post? because for life irony I flew back to my country taking in my luggage some washable diapers for my nephew, but the purpose of my flight was to visit my little sister, to visit her because I got the bad news that she was in a hospital, then passing the days I came to know she was in a coma and she is still in a coma, getting better slowly with God help. As my sister there are many people in this situation and I do not know how does it work in each country, but in Colombia the diapers are not provided by the hospital. I just digested this when I had to go to the supermarket and buy a pack of disposable diapers for adults, the pack is big but inside there are just 10 or 12 pieces and their cost is extremely high. So while people is in the hospital and especially in intensive care unit disposable diapers have to be used, but what if they are dismissed and are still in coma, what if they are dismissed and still suffer of incontinence. Many questions and thoughts came to my mind in few seconds… “shall I look for washable diapers for my sister?” I do not want to , because I hope and I want her to wake up soon. How is assisted people which their relatives can not afford a pack of disposable diapers? Can hospitals provide and handle washable diapers? If somebody has the answers, if somebody reads this post and have experienced this or want to give a contribute to enrich this post, then please leave a comment…

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