A balloon with recycled material

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Luglio, 19 2010
Mongolfiera con materiali riciclati

Mongolfiera con materiali riciclati

My “Little Princess” loves Hello Kitty and always sings loudly the song Hello Kitty sings with her sister Mimmy every time she goes on their balloon. If you do not know this balloon, well there is a picture in their bedroom and every time they use your imagination, go up and spend thousand of great adventures. I was happy to see my Little Princess flying with her imagination,that inspired me to make her a balloon for her Kitties. Hands to work with the following recycled materials a colored plastic bag, plastic jar, a rope or long shoelace strap, closure packs in wire for bread, scotch, staples and scissors. Below I explain how to do:

sacchetto plastica colorato da riciclare Take the plastic bag for a corner with a hand , gather it and cut it. Gather it to give the rounded effect and fix it with tape inside and out. Make two holes at the top and pass the closure wire. Knot it inside and wrap the holes with tape inside and outside to avoid plastic bag tears off while playing.
Make four holes in the jar beneath the edges, keeping a proportional distance between each hole other and pass through the shoelace or rope. To have it balanced cut in two the cord and use each one for each side. Choose in the plastic cap the four points where to put the cords and fix them with staples. For security then cover the staples with scotch tape both inside and outside. Here you are your balloon! Your child may start to fly with the imagination and make travel on it their animals or mini puppet and visit fantastic places!

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