Scented sachet or moth away sachet

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Agosto, 27 2010

Moth away sachet

Moth away sachet

Maybe the result  is a bit rustic, but it functions very well. By recycling the plastic strap with metal wire core inside, commonly used to close bags of bread or biscuits, and the plastic net on which fruits and potatoes are sold you can make a scented sachet  for the shoe rack or a moth away sachet to protect our clothes. This is a cheap alternative as can be done with materials easy to get by recycling and it is also an alternative  if you do not have a tulle bag from an old bonbonnière to be recycled or want to avoid to stitch by hand.

How to make the sachet: cut from the plastic net two circles. Put the circles one onto an other and pass around their edges the plastic strap (up and down) and gather it. Inside the bundle, before closing it completely, you can put cotton scented with essence oil  of lavender or citronella to keep away moths or just spray it with your favorite parfume. If you want to hang the sachet on your  wardrobe you can add another plastic strap.

Do not forget that it is important to place the clothes well washed and clean in order  to find them in good condition for next season.

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