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I confess

In this space you can tell, in anonymity or not, your experiences in finding a more green life. Those gestures that even if you try, you are not able to do.Eexperiences you have had or you have been told that make you laugh. What you can not give up despite knowing that there is a better alternative out there. The small gesture that you promised to do, but always forget.
I will start:
– When I was 12,  my sister and I had bought some chicks, we growth them in our backyard. Already grown up. One day returning from school, I started to eat and tasted the chicken that was on my plate. It was harder than usual, and the portion served was larger than normal. I had a suspicion and I asked the lady who cooked at home, but where are my chickens? Having no response, I realized that most of them were there on my plate. I had a terrible stomach ache and I did not finished my meal. From there I know a chicken grown naturally  has a tougher meat for the movement that makes his muscles.
-I was looking for a new bed, natural materials, without metals for the joints, etc. A friend told me: forget about mine. You know I paid it a lot,it is  big,it is  comfortable, no screws, varnished with natural oils and that made it perfect. But some nights, you know, when me and my partner are in our “hot” moments  it makes such a terrible noise. It is so noisy  that I feel I must go to ask for permission/ or give excuses to our neighbourhood and it is hard to concentrate!

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