White vinegar and baking soda: our allies for cleaning

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Settembre, 28 2010
Natural cleaner White vinegar and baking soda are a natural alternative to keep the house clean greener. These two ingredients are usually kept in our kitchen and their potential help for cleaning our house and avoid to buy many types of cleaning products that are toxic are unknown or undervalued. Here below you will find a list of their different usage to clean our home safely:

Tips for cleaning the floor:
-1 cup of white vinegar diluited in one bucket with hot water.Once the floors are done aerate the room well to dry faster and to completely eliminate the acrid smell that could annoy some people.
Tips for cleaning in the kitchen:
-Oven and refrigerator can be cleaned with 1/2 coffee cup of white vinegar in asmall saucepan with hot water (even lemon or baking soda are perfect).
To resolve problems of odors in the refrigerator can be left overnight a glass with a tablespoon of white vinegar placed on a shelf inside.
Hob-steel and taps become bright with a clean cloth soaked in vinegar diluted in a lot of hot water. Once cleaned, rinse and dry with a soft clean cloth.
-Shelves of the kitchen: To clean and degrease they can be cleaned with a sponge soaked in warm water with baking soda.
– Sink: To polish it you can pass it with a solution of baking soda dissolved in very hot water, rinse with water and dry furtherly with paper towels inorder to eliminate the traces of opacity without leaving scratches.
Tips to clean the bathroom:
– To dissolve the limescale sanitary bathroom you can use white vinegar diluted in a lot of hot water.
– The metal grille taps can be cleaned leaving them half-day soak in a solution of pure white vinegar.
Light abrasive paste: useful for removing stains from surfaces. Add a little hot water to baking soda and mix to obtain a paste to pass gently onto the area to be treated.

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