Recycling batteries

Novembre, 09 2010

At home we are surrounded by batteries that we use in different devices: clocks, remote controls, digital cameras, brushing teeth, etc.. Then if you have a child, the purchase and use of these is more common if the toys function by batteries, even worse if the toy needs more than two to get on. We solved by buying two sets of rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries cost more than traditional alkaline batteries, but the savings can be seen if we take into account that can be recharged about 500 times.

Unfortunately, the batteries contain metals like mercury, zinc, copper, cadmium, nickel, lead and silver. Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury are highly polluting to the environment if discharged improperly in nature may be absorebed by humans and animals. For this reason, the recycling of batteries is very important and we can make our contribution to avoid the negative impact of these in the environment if not disposed of properly. Many supermarkets have bins for this collection. In order to avoid carrying around batteries in your pocket and forget to put in the bin and make the collection easier, you should make your own small container to recycle them at home keep at home. Some ideas to make our own container coudl be a small box of metal or carton, a can, a jar of sauce, the tube of Pringles chips. When this container is full, then take it to empty to tht collection/recycling batteries bin closer to our house.

Remember to wash your hands after handling batteries, and never let your children play with them. If you can , switch to rechargeable batteries.

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