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Biological food

Organic carrots

Organic carrots

Welcome back worm! It is a pleasure to see a rotten carrot or tomato in my frigo in a week! Oh boys I’m not kidding this means that my vegetables are organic and that I have to eat them all in a week if do not want to throw them away. I only can make possitive comments about the organic vegetables, not only that my family is eating healthier because there is no trace of harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizer, but they have a better taste than conventional vegetables. You can easily feel the difference, organic carrots or fennel are extremely sweet and tasteful, they are so good that my baby loves to eat them raw and they are fantastic only steamed cooked. Continua a leggere

Euro- leaf Bio food

Euro- leaf Bio food logo

European Citizens fromthe 1st July 2010 would be able to recognize a biological food product thanks to “Euro-leaf” logo. The green logo, features the 12 EU stars in the shape of a leaf and a comet in the middle, the background is bright green.
Italy is the leader of biological farming, both number of operators and agricultural land converted.
Actually there are 45 thousand companies and over one million hectares of cultivated area. Bio food citizen-consumers is growing,That’s why Italy will continue to support quality,’ seasonal ‘and territoriality’ of production.