A crossbody bag: my must have

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Febbraio, 08 2010
Jessica Alba and Reese with crossbody bags

Jessica Alba

Have you decided to commute by bike, train or bus? Will you make your weekly shopping by walking? will you have a baby and already dreaming your daily walk along with him? Well the most comfortable and safer way to have your personal stuff  with you is getting a crossbody bag. You can carry what you need and have your hands free. If you commute by bike think that in that way your basket will be free to carry other things or you will drive safer as the handbag will not be sliding down your arm. The same if you are in your daily walk with your baby, you can pull the stroller and take in arms your baby without worrying where to hang your handbag. If you are used to travel by bus or subway a crossbody bag is safer as it will be a hard task for pickpockets as you will have it stick to you and in case you have to get off in a hurry, your bag is there with you!. At the very beginning a crossbody bag or shoulder bag was conceived too sportive, but now there are many fancy and elegant  models in the market, so do not have to worry about “sportive” look if you use them. Marc Jacobs , Burberry, Gucci, Castellari, Marni just to mention some chic brands launch very nice models in each season collection, you just have to value if you will use it daily and how big you desire it. The only problem with a crossbody bag is that once you are used to it, you find it so comfortable that will start thinking twice to do a change and use for a little while traditional handbags models.



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