Tips to cut down the electric bill

Giugno, 15 2010
Save energy

Save energy

It is the first time I’m happy to receive the electric bill, not because I have to pay it, but because results of our new lifestyle to save energy are extremely visible!. Here are few steps and changes we have done at home to get these results:
– The mobile phones are charged while we are awake, not leaving charging while we go to bed.
– TV, Stereo, Computer are connected to a switch on/off multi electrical extension, so before going to bed all our electronic devices are totally off and not in stand by.
– The laundry machine and dishwasher are turned on at night, most of the cycles of laundry machine are done Saturdays and Sunday, when the electricity cost is cheaper.
– All our bulb lights are of low energy consumption.
Try some of above tips and start checking your bill, you will be so happy too to see you are saving money and helping to save the planet!.

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