Scarves : How to wear them.

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Novembre, 07 2010


In order to be sheltered from the cold in cold weather we do not need to cover ourselves with thousands of warm clothing, it is essential to cover the parts that regulate the temperature of the body, especially the ears, hands and neck. While gloves and warmers keep warm your hands, scarves are used to keep body temperature in a comfortable way .We should not even have who knows how many   scarves to be matched to our clothes, just have a couple is enough and learn how to wear them in different ways. This accessory is very versatile. Haut Goat is a company that sells scarves, and not only,  from recycled cashmere and still in their site there is a section showing the different ways to wear a scarf.

Remember to make use as most as you can of your scarves and shawls. If over the time maybe they get pierced or tear off for having got stucked in the zipper of a jacket, do not throw it away!. They can become wrist warmers, blankets for dolls, cute accesories, etc.

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