1Goal: Education for all

Luglio, 11 2010

1Goal: Education for All: The 11th July ended the 2010 FIFA World Cup  South Africa, Spain was the Champion and iwillbegreen also accepted the challenge and joined to Shakira’s campaign 1Goal: Education for all. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwJpYFGY2CY This campaign uses the soccer power in order to let that education will have an endurable effect after the 2010 […]

Il porta vaccini Pop-up

Ecological products
Luglio, 02 2010

Il vaccino pop-up è stato introdotto al Royal College of Art Summer show ed è stato sviluppato per trasportare i vaccini in modo leggero, facile e a basso costo modo verso i paesi del terzo mondo. Il portatore di vaccini è facile da montare e utilizza una tecnologia innovativa per mantenere fresco i medicinali nei […]

Vitagoat : Sustainable soymilk by Provamel

Marzo, 29 2010

Having changed my food style and cooking I have started purchasing more grains and soya products from organic farming at a health food store as substitute of animal proteins, then discovered Provamel organic soya drinks. I had never saw this brand  as  Provamel products are not sold at supermarkets. Love to see that I’m not […]

Nike – Reuse a shoe : Recycling program

Sustainable projects
Dicembre, 30 2009

Nike has a very intersting sustainable project to recycle your worn out athletic shoes no matter which brand they are and in which condition you left them. Every year, in the whole world , millions of pairs of athletic shoes end up in landfills or are disposed of in some other way. Most of those […]

Recycling plastic bottles to build houses

Novembre, 09 2009

In Bolivia, in the little town of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Ingrid Vaca Diez collects plastic bottles lying as waste on the streets and use them to build house bricks f0r construction of ecological houses as alternative of living for people who lives in extrme poverty. Her enthusiasm and creative thinking has already changed […]

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