New dress a day with 1 dollar

Fashion, Re-style, Re-use, Re-fresh
Luglio, 26 2010

Marisa is my hero, this wondeful woman one day being laid off from her job had the fantastic idea to create in 365 days 365 items of clothing spending only 365 dollars, that is 1 dollar is the daily budget. Her ideas then can be followed in her blog where she upload pictures before and […]

Adjusting and restyling a jacket

Fashion, Re-style, Re-use, Re-fresh
Maggio, 16 2010

Ok I realized I won’t be again a “S” size, at least not within this year. Weather is crazy and we do not know how to dress lately, too windy and cold or too hot. I needed a middle jacket but the one I had was S size and I did not want to buy […]

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